Skandha is built with Typescript.
It's fully ERC:4337 compliant and is passing all of the bundler unit tests.


We are currently deployed on Mumbai, ran on our own client. We plan on running the bundler on all other chains Etherspot supports once we have found a reliable, cost effective rpc provider. The bundler will act the same way on each network.
We'll update this table when we deploy on other networks.
Bundler URL


The entrypoint is the same across all EVM networks, the one at the top is the most recent.
Compatible with Skandha

Bundler modes

Skandha has two different modes it can be run in, public and private.
The public version of Skandha works like any other, showing all transactions that are validated publically.
The private version has the option to hide whitelisted networks of transactions and wallets from public view.

Deploying Skandha

Anyone can run their own Skandha bundler inside a docker instance using the steps shown on the Skandha github page.

Relayer Config

The majority of this is standard and 4337 compliant, but one thing to point out is that we support multiple entry points with Skandha.
"networks": {
"dev": { # network Id (check packages/types/src/networks/networks.ts)
"entryPoints": [ # supported entry points
"relayer": "0xprivateKey", # relayer private key, can access from here or via environment variables (SKANDHA_MUMBAI_RELAYER | SKANDHA_DEV_RELAYER | etc.)
"beneficiary": "0xf39Fd6e51aad88F6F4ce6aB8827279cffFb92266", # fee collector, avaiable via env var (SKANDHA_MUMBAI_BENEFICIARY | etc)
"rpcEndpoint": "http:#localhost:8545", # rpc provider, also available via env variable (SKANDHA_MUMBAI_RPC | etc)
"minInclusionDenominator": 10, # optional, see EIP-4337
"throttlingSlack": 10, # optional, see EIP-4337
"banSlack": 10 # optional, see EIP-4337
"minSignerBalance": 1, # optional, default is 0.1 ETH. If the relayer's balance drops lower than this, it will be selected as a fee collector
"multicall": "0x", # optional, address of multicall3 contract, default is 0xcA11bde05977b3631167028862bE2a173976CA11 (see

Additional features

Currently Skandha is just ERC:4337 compliant, so is currently completely functional and usable. In the neat future we will add support for flashbots to protect from MEV.