Etherspot @ Encode/Gnosis Chain Hackathon

Here we will provide some ideas of dapps or projects to build and links to various tools in our docs which could help build these.

Ideas of use-cases:

  • Providing a seamless user experience in a gamefi dapp. This could include the use of social logins, and using meta transactions to get the newly acquired p2e tokens out of the smart account created for.
  • Providing a seamless user experience using transaction kit. We could use transaction kit to create a wallet, deposit some test net tokens into it, then do some actions with this on chain. Using transaction kit we can create a great web2 like experience which lets the user run transactions in browser without having. Even having this setup with a great UI could look amazing!
  • Simplifying cross-chain actions. Etherspot SDK makes it very easy for us to perform actions cross-chain, currently there are a lot of pain points in moving assets chain to chain. Some products could be made to make this easier.
These are just a couple examples to give you an idea, but there are so many more use cases to account abstraction which Etherspot offers. Here is an article to give you some more inspiration.